The OnVu™ indicator is automatically applied to the inner or outer packaging on the production line at the point of packaging. Either a separate label is applied, or the OnVu™ indicator is integrated into an existing label. Both approaches can be easily implemented since OnVu™ is based on a normal printing ink. This gives the added feature of storing the indicators at normal ambient storage temperatures until they are ready for use.


The OnVu™ indicator 
changes its color.

After an OnVu™ indicator has been charged and applied, it begins to monitor and visualizes any potential lapses in the cold chain. Charging causes the indicator in the middle of the thermometer symbol to turn darker than the thermometer outline, the reference color. The color will stay dark as long as the product is stored and transported at the correct temperature. A product becomes compromised if the cold chain is interrupted for too long or if the temperature rises significantly.

If the cold chain is breached in this way, the indicator irreversibly changes color; its center will turn lighter than the reference color thereby signifying that action needs to be taken on the quality-compromised product.

How Is OnVu™ Used?

To support logistics

OnVu™ shows your retail store or restaurant customers that the supplied food has been properly stored right up until delivery to them. Use of the indicator builds an unprecedented level of cold chain security and transparency in areas that have been traditionally tougher to monitor such as third party providers or certain legs of the cold chain.

To support marketing

OnVu™ on the product package helps consumer manage the quality and safety of their food after purchasing it. By providing this added value to shoppers the producer gains a competitive advantage that can lead to increased sales and an enhanced brand image.

How is the label checked?

Any worker at any point in the cold chain can visually check the indicator at a glance to make sure the integrity of the cold chain has been kept. This simple visual check does not require any specialized or added equipment – just the naked eye! The OnVu™ system can also be customized to deliver digitzed information. Would you like to scientifically measure the remaining shelf life of food and integrate this data in your system? No problem! You can easily do this with a measurement device that has been specially developed for OnVu™. Some customers print the reference color right onto the delivery note.


This lets the supplier show the customer that the products are fresh on delivery.

How do I benefit as a food producer?

Unlike data loggers that may get lost and require subsequent data analysis – OnVu™ is cost-effective, easy to use, and simple to integrate into the labels and processes of food producers and retailers.

By using OnVu™, you

  • reduce cold chain problems: thanks to OnVu™, all workers throughout the cold chain can actively contribute to keeping it intact. Workers become more vigilant and this raises their awareness of problems;
  • lower your costs: with OnVu™, cold chain breaches are immediately noticed instead of days later compared to data loggers. Costly recall campaigns are avoided;
  • improve your customer relationships: using OnVu™ strengthens your customers’ confidence in the freshness and quality of the products you provide them; and enhance your brand and boost your sales volume: surveys have shown that more than 90% of consumers would always prefer a product with OnVu™ to an equivalent one without OnVu™.


Document for Download:
OnVu™ Logistics Brochure