Your customers shop at your stores because they value the freshness, safety and premium quality of your perishables. They appreciate your investments in innovations that make shopping easier and more pleasant. They shop thoughtfully in an effort to minimize food waste. But more than ever, they shop at multiple stores for multiple reasons, so it is critical to keep them coming back for the things that make your stores different than the rest.


The OnVu™ indicator 
changes its color.

First introduced in Switzerland in 2009, OnVu™ is now helping consumers across Germany and Eastern Europe in more than 30 retail outlets. Market tests in the US and Europe have shown that when a retailer carries OnVu™ on their perishables, the retailer and the customer win on multiple levels.

At the point of packaging, whether pre-packaged or in-store, OnVu™ is placed onto the perishables’ packaging and subsequently monitors time and temperature. If the product is exposed to unsafe temperatures for too long by the consumer, the indicator shows this by irreversibly changing its color.

How do consumers benefit?

customersBy OnVu™-protecting their products, food retailers provide a new tool to help their shoppers preserve the freshness of perishable products after the point of sale and up to the “Use by” or “Best Before” date.

Indirectly, OnVu™ also shows:
The products on retailer shelves are safe and fresh – this is indicated by the dark-blue color of the OnVu™ temperature monitor.

Keeping your Customers Coming Back is our Top Priority.

Consumer research across Europe and the U.S. clearly show the benefits of using OnVu™ on perishable products:

Customer trust

  • OnVu™ conveys information that is very important to 85% of shoppers.
  • 71% think the OnVu™ label on packages of meat means the store cares about its customers.

Customer loyalty

  • 80% of shoppers would prefer to shop in a store that puts the OnVu™ label on their meat products.
  • 75% of shoppers would choose a package of meat with the OnVu™ label over one without.
  • Consumers purchase more goods more frequently from retailers that use OnVu™. In fact, these consumers buy not only more fresh food but also more of other products at these stores.

Symbol of safety and transparency

  • 94% of shoppers agree that the retailer using OnVu™ is more concerned about the safety of customers than other supermarkets.
  • Safety is the top perceived benefit of the OnVu™ label on meats.

Visible commitment to fresh

  • 89% of shoppers agree that the retailer using OnVu™ has fresher meat than other supermarkets.

Clear sign of high quality

  • 95% of shoppers agree that the retailer using OnVu™ is more concerned about the quality of the products they sell.


Some of our customers also use OnVu™ to monitor the temperatures of their internal cold chains. On outer packaging, OnVu™ checks and visualizes the cold chain from the source or distribution center all the way to your store. When products arrive at your premises, your receiving staff can see right away whether the chill or frozen chain has been kept intact. If OnVu™ indicates that the temperature chain has been significantly breached, you can refuse deliveries. This lets you avoid potentially costly and labor-intensive callback campaigns and more over to offer only consistently top quality to your customers.


Document for Download:
OnVu™ Sell Sheet